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Written and Directed by Miles Millikan

or: the true story of a story

A non-objective god says fuck you.

How does god deal with healing?

The show had a skeleton cast of 12, but there was also The Ensemble which was comprised of 26 other students. It was the first time I had gotten to experiment with using masses of bodies on stage both in the show and just playing in the rehearsal room.


For the majority of the rehearsal process, The Ensemble would only rehearse with the rest of their ensemble members. This provided a real sense of unity between them, as though they were one singular living organism split up into many bodies.

This project was filled with more challenges than anything I'd ever done before. There are of course things I would have done differently, but the amount that I got to learn from this experience as a director, writer, collaborator, and overall human is priceless. The amount of time, energy, and care that was poured into this show by everyone who was involved from the crew to the cast is something I will forever be undeniably proud of and grateful for.

TW: Discussion of rape, kidnapping

Motus was my senior year thesis, of sorts

It was truly a culmination of my four years at high school

Calling upon everything I had learned,

And through the dedication of the community that was around me

Something beautiful was created.

It had one showing in our school's blackbox,

And for about 100 minutes

A theater filled with family and friends watched a bunch of young people play onstage.

What a gift!

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