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Blood of My Blood

Directed by Maya Singer

Assistant Directed and Choreographed by Miles Millikan

Based on the ninth book of Paradise Lost by John Milton, Blood of My Blood  was a devised and immersive theater piece that takes place at the wedding of the iconic biblical duo, Adam and Eve. John Milton is also the best man...

Audience members were guests at the wedding and were seated at one of several tables, each table having a member of the wedding party cast seated alongside them. Audience members would be spoken to, danced with, ordered around, and if the moon was in your eyes, taken into the bathroom by the illustrious Violet Memorial 
It was loud, it was chaotic, but most of all it was, to quote the director, "a good ass time"


Though I would consider myself a very physical creator, I had never choreographed a show before, so to getting to discover that area of my artistic self was so fuckin cooool

Taking what I learned from Motus, I once again focused heavily on the utilization and manipulation of large masses of bodies onstage. Their story-telling, as well as atmospheric, capabilities. 

Though movement pieces can be specific, I found the true bliss through how each cast member added their own life into a certain phrase. The way everyone performed the same sequence was drastically different, and those differences created -- in my opinion -- the real magic.

I can't imagine I don't choreograph something in this manner again. It was the highlight of each of my days to be in the room of young people just jumpin' and twirling through space

Design Team

Scenic Design by Sean Frank, Joe Burt
Costume Design by Jane Reagan, Maya Singer
Production Photos by Jackson Lasseter
Lighting Design by Sam Swagert
Prop Design by Jane Reagan

This was a show that from conception to final performance was infused with pleasure
It taught me that a show which entertains is not devoid of humanity, but that to truly play and be free requires us to be the most present, whether we are a performer or participant
Both the cast and crew made this experience one that I will hold close for a very long time (big shoutout to Maya though)
For brief moments it found that thing that I run for in theater
the human stuff!


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