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an idea i had in experimentation with the internet, connection, anonymity, and collaboration using google docs.

there are two parts to these "happenings"

there is:

1. the event itself, that is, the experience each individual has of collaboratively existing and writing with all these strangers


2. the document the event produces

you have to be there in order to experience the 1st

but here is the 2nd

i'm starting to see the "documents" as love letters to humanity right now

everyone -- all of these people alive today, all these people who attended -- just existed, played around, expressed themselves, and made a big fucking mess with each other 

and then i took the concrete slab that has all of our footprints

and i'm hanging it in this museum, saying

"yeah, this. this is a really beautiful painting"

and i kinda think that's all art is now

deciding to look at something with intention. wanting to see it as beautiful

so these documents are just that -- deciding to see us all as beautiful.

The First Happening

Happening 2
(the squeakquel)

more happenings will be held! soooooo if you're curious, ~wanna fuck around~ sign up below and you will be notified for when the next one is occuring :)

ty :0

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