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We have our past

The foundation that rests underneath our tired feet

It is because of it that you stand where you do today

And often when we look out at the vast view we have

We are scared.

We are unsatisfied with our view, unsatisfied with where our blocks have left us

There is no way back down, no way to undo the arrangement of concrete

We will only continue to build higher and higher; it is not up to us it seems.

And so, we can spend all that time despising what we have done before,

But what a dismal time that is, yes?

Pounding away at our hearts for not having loved perfectly,

Beating our lips for not having kissed the proper way,

Strangling our hands for not having sculpted correctly,

But then what is correct!

It is you!

One thing you will notice if you look around enough

Is all the billions of towers covering the face of this lovely little planet

Do not have your blocks

You are the only one with that specific grouping of logs:

Heartbreak and love

Regret and pain inflicted

Injustice and pain received

Privileges and set-backs

You are the only one with your combination,

No one knows you better than you.

You are the only one who has the key to the top-secret files,

There is no need to be brutal to the unique arrangement that you have access to

So, the question is then presented to us all:

What does our special combination create?

Instead of dreaming of a different past

Can we not perhaps acknowledge what we must work with

And build the best possible tower out of it?

Because the view must look absolutely fantastic from wherever you are.

Look for me, will you?

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