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Upcoming Events

A play I performed in last Spring at Emerson College, Moon Walk, will be reprising itself at the Fringe Festival Edinburgh this August 19-24! Written and directed by Brooke Johnson and produced by Rareworks Theatre Company, it's truly a dream come true for all of us involved. It will be a journey unlike anything any of us have ever done; it will be big and exciting and hard and fulfilling and maybe none of those things, but it will be full. Ticket sales are officially up, so if you're in the area please feel free to stop by!


As a part of Emerson Stage's annual Newfest, highlighting the writings of the students, "Sugar Plums Molding" was selected for the night of Shorts and will be getting a staging March 23.


Currently think-tanking a new show. Wanting to incorporate complete immersion, have it be a show that can only happen in this period of our culture. To find another way to interpret "important" show.

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