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The artistic statement thing is tough; everything is always changing. That includes me; the things I think, feel, believe, and the way I express them are in constant flux. I pray that never changes. this page probably won't even be here that long hahahaha

    But that makes an artistic statement a bit difficult. Is there anything I can really say that won't change? Probably not. So please don't think at any point--even when I've gone--don't think my ideas are ever concrete and unchanging; all the pieces of art I make are just little stones in my river, plotting down where I was in that exact moment.

          With that being said, I give you full permission to use whatever I have made to the fullest extent you desire. I ask you to stretch it, mold it, tear it, step on it, have lines rearranged, or use one stage direction that excites you. Study it, think about it, talk about it (if I'm alive maybe even to me!), or if it doesn't interest you, then feel free to skip right passed it all.  The things we believe the geniuses meant by their art tend to be (or at least might be) our own brilliant ideas. We find ourselves in other people.

                 But the most important permission I must reinforce--and I cannot stress this enough--is feel free to forget about the things I made. Hold onto it for as long as you like (you can even revisit it if it struck some deep chord in you) but when it's time let my work leave your mind, body, and soul. Do not suffocate it from taking its final breath. 

                          And then you keep making work that you enjoy.

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