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Directed by Clay Hopper

Part of Emerson Stage's Season, I had the genuine joy to play Judas in The Last Days of Judas Iscaiort by Stephen Adly Gurgis. This was one of the most beautiful texts and stories I've gotten the priviledge to tell. How to fall in love with everybody, not even in spit of what lies inside them, but because of everything about them. How many different ways can one heart break?


In Association with SITI Company

During the Summer, I participated in SITI Company's annual Summer Intensive at Skidmore College. As a part of that program, the 60 of us also had to create Compositional pieces of Anton Chekhov's Three Sisters, which culminated in a two-day showing at the end of the month. Approaching humanity and hope and quiet tragedies in Chekhov through The Viewpoints and the Suzuki Method. The creation of art is a mysterious and ever-evolving task.

A student-written piece produced by Rareworks Theater Company, Moon Walk. The effect toxic masculinity has on the unspoken nature of mental health in men and male friendships. Through awkward stares, a little sister, and a new roommate, this production found true love in a Boston apartment. The production will be receiving a reprisal this August at the Edinburgh Fringe Theater Festival 2019!



Directed by Maya Singer

The world premiere of Will Arbery's absurd and somewhat surreal comedy, Claustrophile. Bob invites the entire internet to his small house in Wyoming. I was one of these internet people. I was Doc, a strange and elusive old man. I discovered having secrets both as an actor and character makes it all deliciously fun.



Directed by Jack Andreas

Winner of numerous accolades including a finalist at Young Arts 2017 and 1st place at TVT Southern California Film Festival, Tilting at Windmills shows the chaotic and ridiculous final minutes before a high school musical's opening night. 

Directed by Elisa Surmont and Christopher Fairbanks


My senior year in high school I had the opportunity to play Sky Masterson in LACHSA's Spring musical. It was only the second musical I'd done in high school, and the first time I'd been the lead in a production of that scale. It came from a dated and far more misogynistic period of time, but it allowed me to realize the thing that makes theater wonderful is the feeling of running and jumping and singing onstage with a group of friends who will catch me when I fall.

RICKY (2016)

Directed by Brian Niles

Nominated for Best Actor and Best Comedy at the Moondance Film Festival, Ricky follows the self-obsessed and absurd celebrity Ricky on his daily adventures.


Directed by Erica Robson

My first musical at LACHSA, I had the unbelievable pleasure of playing Gregory Gardner in A Chorus Line. This show runs like clockwork and almost never takes a breath, I was honored to be one of those moving parts that got to be surrounded by so much love. It is a production I will truly hold in my heart forever.

Containing a mumble-core short film and a theatrical portion that was entirely devised, immersive, and largely improvised, Ipseity. Performance has injected itself into our everyday lives through micro-performance, and what happens when people who have grown up with those pressures gain influence and power through social media. Set in a music festival gone awry, I played an amateur poet/musician who had recently gone viral on the internet. Throughout the 3-month rehearsal process, I also got to curate an Instagram for my character, which was both deeply helpful to me and enriching to the world of the play.


Directed by Nick Lambrakis

A tribute/music video to Rex Orange County's "Best Friend" It's the subtle and anxiety-inducing miscommunications sent through simple hand touches, body language, and droopy glances from across a smokey room.

MOON WALK (2018)

Directed by Brooke Johnson

Directed by Dylan Santa Cruz

Nominated for Best Comedy at the Fortune Cookie Film Festival. In a 2-minute film, two less-than-professional thieves have their plan to rob an unsuspecting woman's home go very awry.

ROBBED (2015)

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