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Miles Millikan



my name's miles. i'm 25 right now, and I'm a graduate from Emerson College in theater and performance


I've been living in Oakland since the Fall of 2023! teaching, playing, circlesinging.

i'm an improviser mainly ~lol~, and that's currently taking shape through Circlesinging, moving, writing, playing music by Lake Merrit, and trying to figure out what's important and nourishing to fill a day//life with. How to grow up after school.

i still don't really know "what's going on," but i did recently figure out why i like having my window open so much,



"                THAT’s why i like having my window open!!!              "



it makes my living space a part of nature,

in conversation with whatever’s happening outside

feels anti-imperialist


letting the air do what it will with my bed

my comforter

my couch


the only reason i want to be cut off from the outside weather dance

is if it’s dangerous

if it’s so cold or so hot that it’s dangerous


hahahahahah and thus i promptly enclose myself in a tight ass stone cocoon hahahahahaha


but damn,

once the sun rises


once it’s not 20 degrees


milk my room


intertwine with everything that’s mine

you make me feel like there’s not a ‘mine’

i don’t ‘own’ anything


i belong to you as much as you belong to me

so all of my books are you

and all of your wind is me

o’ to be breezy

o’ to be breezy :)



hahahahahahahaha i really fuck with having my window open


i think the more naturalized my existence can be, the better

the more nature i can be attuned to,

the clearer

the more i can resist this gross disconnection from nature

that all the technology and capitalism and racism and patriarchy are begging us to lean into

the better.


i love nature

i love the everything that’s always happening around me

the quintillions of reactions



first times


i love that plane of existence

where the wanderer

the alchemist

the spirit

all live

all at once


i feel it….

do you….?


if all the strings spun away,

all the tethers unwound,

threads unfurling


if all the walls of the box fell to the ground,

what shape would the inside of your box be?


that feels like the question i’m examining….

or the question i’ve been living inside of

for like 10 months hahahaha

honestly maybe 18….


i’ve changed so much in 18 months….

but the whole time i've been living and loving and honoring and moaning into the stretch


what’s the inside shape of my box….

when the inside can expand….

when my air can breathe….


when it could expand or remain,

melt or constrict,

when it could become jagged,



or a single dot.....



oh crybaby, a single dot

i could be a single dot if i wanted to!

when all the walls fall,

when the shape could be anything,

i could expand to the infinity universe the second after




i could


could be whoever i wanna be, baby









fr fr i just like, who are you when you have absolutely no one that you have to be….

that’s just really interesting to me


i LOVE finding out the things that we are magnetized towards

the things we find the cosmos in….



i guess….


i’ve learned


i find the cosmos….


in nature



i leave my window open

when i can.

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